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The Merchant Sales Report gives you a quick overview of your sales activity on the SL Marketplace. Using the controls and selectors on the Sales Report page, you can summarize the report by Day, Week, Month, Recipient, Buyer and Product. The Day, Week and Month summaries provide an optional Bar Graph that helps you rapidly visualize sales trends and an option to suppress the detail reported. The Recipient, Buyer and Product summaries allow you to filter the sales information based on a search phrase (for example only reporting Recipients with "smith" in their name) and also filter for the total products purchased (All, 2+, 5+, 10+ and 20+).

As with all reports in the RDS system, you can also restrict the data reported based on the Date Selector. (A full discussion of the Date Selector is on the RDS Date Selector page.)

Summarize By Day

The Day Summary reports sales on a Day by Day basis. All sales that occur each day are summarized into the totals for that day. The Day summary is most useful for quickly checking the sales made today or yesterday and today. You can also include a Bar Graph that visualizes the sales for each day. When the report is restricted to a medium to longer date range, the graph can help you quickly spot trends and changes in sales. You can also optionally exclude the daily summary data and just include totals by using the Hide Detail option.

Summarize Past 7 Days by Day

The following four examples show sales for the past 7 days, all four use the same transactions. The examples are as follows:

  (click on a thumbnail to view a larger size image)

Summarize Past Year

The following 3 examples use sales records from the past year summarized by Day, Week and Month. All three include the Bar Graph but also Hide Detail to suppress display of the daily, weekly or monthly details.

As you can see, for a longer period of time, the Weekly and Monthly summaries give you a rapid "feel" for how your sales vary over time.

Summarize by Recipient, Buyer and Product

The next set of examples summarize the past 30 days sales by Recipient and Product. (I've omitted the Buyer summary as it's essentially the same as the Recipient summary.) The examples also include filtering the report based on the number of products in the details. Thus for the Recipient and Buyer summaries, they must have purchased at least the number of products specified in the filter in order to be included in the report. For the Product summary, the number of products purchased by anyone during the report period must be at least the number specified.

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