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The Merchant Redelivery Report details all Redeliveries within the date range selected. The Redelivery Report also provides the Abuse Report and Ban User functionality. These two functions allow you to report a Customer that is abusing the system or permanently ban them from redelivering any of your Products using the RDS system.

{{NormalNote|All Abuse Report and Ban User actions are reported to the Site Administrator. If we find that the reported Customer has established a habit of abuse, we may permanently ban them from the entire site. However we will not "undo" a Ban User that you have established unless you specifically request that we do so.

As with all reports in the RDS system, you can also restrict the data reported based on the Date Selector. (A full discussion of the Date Selector is on the RDS Date Selector page.)

The following example shows a Redelivery report for the Past 30 Days for Customers with a name that contains "iam".

Past 30 Days-Redeliveries to Customers containing iam.png

Filing an Abuse Report and Banning a User

To the right of each Customer listed in the Redelivery Report are two buttons; one labeled Abuse Report and one labeled Ban User. These two buttons allow you to report a Customer for abuse or ban the Customer from requesting any redeliveries from your Products.

Both of these actions require you to provide as much information as possible. Both are also reported directly to the Site Administrator. If we find that a particular Customer is abusing the RDS service, we may elect to place a site-wide ban on them. However we will not remove a Ban that you have placed against a Customer unless specifically requested by you.

An Abuse Report does not take any action against the Customer; it merely notifies the Site Administrator of activities by the Customer that you find abusive. The Ban User function prevents the Customer from requesting any further product redeliveries from you.

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