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The Merchant Product report summarizes sales transactions within the date range selected by Product. Thus all sales for a particular product are accumulated and reported in one section. You can further select the data that will be displayed using the Purchase Detail and Hide L$0 (zero Linden Dollar) options. You can also filter the transactions reported to only those products with the Partial Name field in the Product Name.

As with all reports in the RDS system, you can also restrict the data reported based on the Date Selector. (A full discussion of the Date Selector is on the RDS Date Selector page.)

The Purchase Detail and Hide L$0 Selectors

All transactions within the selected date range are included in the Product Report, however you can include individual Customer Detail by selecting the Purchase Detail option. You can also exclude Products with a sale price of L$0 (zero Linden Dollars) by selecting the Hide L$0 option.

The following four example reports show how these two options alter the way the Product sales data is displayed in the report.

The Partial Name Filter

You can limit the Products reported by entering part of the Product Name in the Partial Name field. Only those Products with the text entered in the name will be included in the report. The following three examples limit the Products selected to those with the text "flyer" in the name.

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