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Anyone that purchases an item from you at the SL Marketplace or receives one of your products (as a gift from someone else) is considered a "Customer". The Merchant Customer Report presents the sales transactions from the Customer perspective. All of the transactions that occurred within the date range selected are accumulated per Customer. If a particular Customer purchases several items from you then all of those transactions will be added up.

The date range used is selected using the Date Selector. A complete description of the Date Selector is found on the Reports Date Selector page.

The Purchase Detail and L$0 Selectors

The transaction records presented in the Order Report can be filtered using any of the three available filters. You can include only those transactions with a Recipient or Buyer name that contains the text you enter for the Partial Name field. You can also exclude any transactions that have a zero price. (This is a handy way to exclude Freebie sales.) And finally you can include only those Customers that have purchased the minimum number of items using the Prod Cnt selector.

The following three examples illustrate the Customer Report using the Purchase Detail and Hide l$0 selectors.

The Partial Name and Minimum Product Count Filters

The next two examples illustrate the Partial Name and Prod Cnt filters. The Customers reported may be filtered to only those with a name that contains the text entered in the Partial Name field. You can also filter the transactions reported by setting the Prod Cnt minimum to 2+, 3+, 5+ or 10+ items. This will include only those Customers that have purchased the minimum number of products specified.

Redelivering a Product

You can quickly find the Orders for a specific Customer by using the Partial Name filter. If you select Purchase Detail then the report will include a detail line for each Order the Customer has placed. You can then click on the specific Order and "drill down" to the Order itself.

Past 2 Days-Item Detail-Item Highlighted.png

The Order Detail will open in a new window as shown here:

Order Detail with Redeliver button.png

To the right of each line item in the Order Detail is a Redeliver button. When you click on that button, the item will be redelivered to its original Recipient. This is a handy way to rapidly find and redeliver a product for a Customer.

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