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The Basic Functions are those functions available to guests and Customers that have not logged into the RDS web site.

Redelivery Form

The Redelivery Form is what a Customer will use in order to request a redelivery of a previous purchase. You may also use this form yourself, either to obtain a redelivery for a purchase from another Merchant or to send a redelivery to your own Customer, however there are much easier ways to redeliver a product for one of your Customers using the various Merchant Reports and the Redeliver function available on those reports.

The Redelivery Request Form is described in full detail on the Customer Redelivery Request Form page.

About RDS

This function displays a basic introduction to the iGlom RDS including the typical marketing pitch citing all the best features of the system.

Purchasing RDS

This function will open the SL Marketplace web site and display the four RDS Subscription Packages available for purchase. This is a handy link to use when your current subscription is near to expiration and you need to renew. Purchasing one of the Subscription Packages will extend your subscription by the amount of time purchased. Thus if you purchase the 3-Month Subscription Package, your current Expiration Date will be extended by 3 months. If your subscription has already expired then the new expiration date will be today plus the amount of time purchased.

RDS Manual

The RDS Merchant Manual in PDF format. You may either download and refer to the Manual or use this Wiki for instructions on how to use the RDS web site.

Contact Us

Opens an outgoing Email message with the contact Email Address already filled out. If your Email program does not support mailto: links then you can manually send an Email message to us at

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