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Finding the Order#, Item ID# and Product Name

When you purchase an item from the SL Marketplace, a record is added to your Order History report. That record shows the items purchased, the price paid and the Merchants selling the items. It also includes the Order# and separate Item ID#'s for each item in the Order. Here is an example Order Record showing the locations of the three values needed:

How to find the Order Number 

What is the Partial Product Name?

You must enter a portion of the Product Name as part of the verification process. This helps us avoid mistakes and problems in the redelivery process. You do not need to enter more than 3-6 characters. For example, if the full product name is:

Fancy New Thingamajig with Sparkles and Fire

You could enter "new", "spark" or even "majig" as the Partial Product Name. Letter case (upper/lower) is not important, you can use either case in the entry. For example, "new", "NEW", and "NeW" are all the same.

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